Roncato Smart Travel Accessori da Viaggio


New product

Dispositivo Anti-smarrimento capace di tracciare la posizione della valigia attraverso la tecnologia Bluetooth 4.0. con l'applicazione dedicata compatibile con i sistemi iOS (Apple) e Android puoi:

  • individurare dov'è il dispositivo o dove è stato visto l'ultima volta
  • richiedere l'emissione di una suoneria/suono per poterlo individuare
  • controllare il livello di carica del dispositivo

More details

  • Collezione Smart Travel
    Color Neutro
    Misura cm 3 x 4 x 0.6
    Brand Roncato
    Garanzia 2 Anni di Garanzia
    Made Designed & Developed in Italy
    Colore Nero
  • Alessio-B, a young Paduan artist, who for influence and fascination into the contemporary survey, becomes part of the new Italian pop, develops a personal technique making use of ripped billboards, stencil, painting (as spray, acrylic, oil) and glitter applications to elaborate and change the VIPS pictures, somehow considered, as icons of our days. The next step, that makes his technique as unique into his realization, consists in a warm lacquering through a natural resin and absolutely transparent which embellishes and makes homogenous and uniform the surface of the canvas. The artist’s choice of the subject comes from the continuous daily bombing of images by the mass media concerning people of the jet-set: magazines, newspapers, television, billboards and cinema use the familiar faces to nourish the business machine and to flatten and level off dreams, needs and hopes. The chosen persons, if from one side are constantly part of our highly imaginative routine, on the other side they have taken choices, humanly or professionally, against the stream that sometimes made them also unpopular, but for sure hitting the imaginary collective. The icons of Alessio-B are women and men, whose talent, work or brilliance make them rebellious, innovators, myths. The artist’s final purpose is to make unique, through the color, the revision of infinite, daily visual appeals. If the influence of the new pop culture comes true into the keen interest of Alessio-B for communication and language, it is his creative process that nevertheless makes use of the pictures borrowed from the jet-set as starting point, creating an unique work, that is completely independent from those requirements, thanks to a technique absolutely different and personalized. Even in his creations the visual inspirations become narrative, as the structure of his works is completely built up around the character who is also the main one. Somehow the collage of the newspapers pages, stuck on the canvas, tell the subject, who is directly connected to the carried news about him. The signs, matched to the characters, are their own thoughts that make them more famous (as the notorious “Stay hungry stay foolish” by Steve Jobs). Either the numbers are never random, also them are inseparably linked to the characters, like the 5 to Marilyn from the famous perfume Chanel n° 5 worn by the star and that celebrated her as an icon of the imaginary collective. The technique, that Alessio-B, has worked out using billboards pictures blended and converted with the color, through the use of the stencil, of the collage and of the lacquering is what makes his works unrepeatable and thanks to the personalization and to the revision that, the trivial advertising become emotional works.

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