• RV Roncato presents the new RV MASK travel accessory to offer tomorrow’s travelers an indispensable tool for their own safety.
  • RV MASK with ViralOff® technology disrupts viral activity through interaction with key proteins.
  • It shows a 99% reduction in many different viruses on treated material within a 2-hour period.
  • Test ISO18184: 2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2). ANTI ODOR action: NO unpleasant smells even after 7 days of use.
  • More than 99.8% of the active antibacterial remains even after 100 washes (as per the MOD AATCC100 test).
  • The mask is not harmful to the skin as it does not attack the natural bacterial flora.
  • The mask prevents users from directly touching their face, which is one of the main routes of infection.
  • The mask is comfortable to wear and washable.
  • It is NOT a Medical Device and/or Personal Protective Equipment.

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